How BCPBL Cut Scheduling From 2 Months to 3 Weeks

Case study:
Learn how BCPBL redirected 100+ hours to nurture MLB talent.
British Columbia, Canada

In the heart of Canada's picturesque province, British Columbia, the British Columbia Premier Baseball League (BCPBL) has been shaping the future of baseball for years. 

With a reputation as the nation's top under-18 youth baseball league, BCPBL is a powerhouse that nurtures exceptional young talent, propelling 90% of its players to secure coveted post-secondary scholarships. 

One of the BCPBL member organizations, the Langley Blaze, visits the Phoenix AZ area to play several of the Top-Ranked Junior Colleges in the US, along with games vs MLB Organizations such as the Seattle Mariners, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, and LA Dodgers to name a few. 

The Blaze have players from other BCPBL organizations, along with other top talent from other Canadian programs, on this coveted trip.

Spearheading this transformative scheduling journey is Steve Petersen, Assistant General Manager of the Langley Blaze, a renowned baseball program within the BCPBL, where he also orchestrates a symphony of schedules for the league's 38 teams across three divisions. This is where the challenge begins.

In this case study, we will explore how Diamond Scheduler saved the BCPBL time and simplified their scheduling process

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The challenge: manually scheduling over 900+ matchups

Since 1995, the British Columbia Premier Baseball League (BCPBL) has been considered a premier talent pipeline for Major League Baseball, with over a handful of players securing a professional career in baseball through the help of BCPBL player development programs.

The expansion of the league and the enrollment of top players have grown over the years. Imagine the complexity of scheduling over 900 games spread across various divisions, teams, and regions. For BCPBL and its staff, this challenge was an annual endeavor that consumed countless hours and demanded meticulous attention.

The manual creation of the season schedule would take up to two months to complete and review. With this daunting task, Steve stepped into the role of league scheduler with a renewed vision and mission of cutting the time spent creating schedules. 

In addition to scheduling, travel restrictions, rainouts, field availability, and ensuring fair play while juggling the league's diverse dynamics were just a few of the daunting tasks that Petersen and his team faced. 

The stakes were high—any scheduling misstep could disrupt the rhythm of the league, causing disappointment and frustration among players, coaches, and supporters alike. 

More importantly, time management became more valuable as Steve and his team were focused on reallocating time to continue the success of BCPBL. The clock was ticking, and a solution was imperative.

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The solution: a scheduling software that can handle constraints and save time.

Diamond Scheduler emerged as the game-changer amid the labyrinth of scheduling software options. Petersen had experimented with various platforms to help him take on the new task of league scheduler, but none could match the efficiency he found with Diamond Scheduler. 

He recalled the days when he first encountered Diamond Scheduler, and even though the web-based version was beneficial, the desktop version stood out for its ability to accommodate larger and more unique complex constraint requests. 

“I tried out a few scheduling software, and they were all horrible,” stated Steve. “Then I tried Diamond Schedulers’ web-based version and then the desktop version. I found the desktop version was the best solution for us, based on being able to add more complex restrictions and constraints.”

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Diamond Scheduler streamlined the scheduling process from two months to three weeks, a fraction of the time it once took. Petersen could swiftly input data, preferences, and constraints with its user-friendly interface. 

The software's intricate algorithms then transformed this information into a comprehensive and optimized schedule that aligned with the league's goals. This newfound efficiency alleviated Petersen's workload and positioned him to focus on higher-level strategic tasks that may have previously taken a back seat.

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The result: 100+ hours saved per year with Diamond Scheduler

The transformation was palpable. What had previously consumed months now took a mere three weeks. The operational burden was lifted, and the league found itself with ample time to ensure that all other aspects of the season were running smoothly. 

With over 100 hours saved, Diamond Scheduler's contribution went beyond mere time savings. 

The reallocated hours meant Steve had more time to manage rainouts, schedule changes, and review umpire changes while having more time to work on website and social media updates. 

“[Diamond Scheduler] made the process go from months down to about three weeks last year to complete the schedule,” says Steve Petersen.

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The reallocated time meant more focus on important initiatives, such as positioning their 800+ athletes to receive scholarships from the top schools in North America, nurturing talent to compete at the College World Series and ultimately MLB level, and fostering a thriving baseball community in British Columbia and across Canada.

By addressing the scheduling challenges and opting to move away from manual scheduling, Steve found Diamond Scheduler, a more comprehensive solution that saved valuable time and effort.

As the sun sets over British Columbia's baseball diamonds, BCPBL’s scheduling journey exemplifies the power of innovation in the sports industry and shifts the focus back to what's important, the game.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family.

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