How NJJBL Schedules 22K Games and Cuts Workload by 80%

Case study:
Cutting 80% of their workload when scheduling 22,000 games within a short timeframe.

In the heart of Wayne, New Jersey, the North Jersey Junior Basketball League thrives with 220 teams and 2,200 athletes under its banner. 

The unsung hero behind the scenes, Vice President Steve Schiffman, holds the daunting responsibility of ensuring a fair and balanced game schedule for the league's vast array of teams and divisions. 

As we peek into Steve's world, we uncover the challenges he faces and the game-changing solution that has become synonymous with scheduling efficiency—Diamond Scheduler.

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Via North Jersey Junior Basketball League | Photo Credit: Donnie DeDio

The challenge: Creating a gameplan for scheduling 22,000 games in a short timeframe

For two decades, Steve Schiffman has dedicated his expertise to the league, focusing primarily on scheduling and constant communication with the League President. The growing league hosts an array of basketball tournaments for its community.

Creating the schedules for tournaments such as the Wayne PAL Thanksgiving Tournament and the Mike Blake Tournament is an important yearly event for its athletes. 

Apart from the cheers, thrills, and underdog teams that emerge from each match, many don’t understand the scope of what it takes to put an event like this together.

The variables that are a part of scheduling such as constraints—venues, referees, and team availability—are what schedulers face. However, Steve annually faces a mammoth task of scheduling 22,000 games across 203 teams and 17 divisions by Thanksgiving.

The real hurdle? Teams report their availability at the eleventh hour, leaving Steve with a complex puzzle to solve in an impossibly short time frame.

Upon stepping into this role, Steve understood the task of creating a schedule manually would be impossible. A professional scheduling tool would be needed to help him create a balanced schedule for thousands of games within a short amount of time.

The solution: A professional scheduling software that can handle the constraints of 203 teams

Enter Diamond Scheduler, the unsung hero and ally in the league's success story. Steve Schiffman inherited this scheduling software from his predecessor, who, in turn, learned about it through league channels. 

After using the software, and learning about its features Steve knew how Diamond Scheduler would help streamline his scheduling workload. 

Even though Steve had to tweak and massage the schedule after Diamond Scheduler’s “one-click” scheduling feature, the platform still creates a solid foundational schedule to start from. 


Via North Jersey Junior Basketball League | Photo Credit: Donnie DeDio

Diamond Scheduler also automatically checks for constraints within match-ups (teams, venues, and staff) leaving little to no room for error. 

Scheduling 22,000 games is still a challenge especially with team availabilities being sent in at the last minute, but the workload is easier, with Diamond Scheduler on Steve’s side. 

Steve emphasizes the software’s irreplaceable role, noting that other platforms couldn't meet the league's diverse venue and constraint needs. Its ease of use and efficiency were the key qualities that set Diamond Scheduler apart, saving Steve countless hours in the process.

“I haven't seen the other platforms that would suffice to the vast needs that we have. Because the software works, I haven't looked too intently for any other replacements,” said Steve.

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The result: An 80% cut in workload while scheduling 22,000 games

The impact of Diamond Scheduler on the North Jersey Junior Basketball League is something that can rarely be repeated. Apart from helping Steve schedule and manage 22,000 games, it saved him a large amount of time.

What could have been an estimated 100-hour manual scheduling process is currently streamlined to a mere 20 hours. The savings of time allows Steve to focus on improving his process and communicating with teams.

The software’s one-click scheduling options, venue, and referee constraints, in addition to creating a balanced schedule based on the data inputted, have helped the North Jersey Junior Basketball League manage its scheduling operations.


Via North Jersey Junior Basketball League | Photo Credit: Donnie DeDio

Steve Schiffman, the league's scheduling maestro, attests to the time saved and the ease with which Diamond Scheduler handles the intricate task of organizing thousands of games.

In Steve's own words, "You couldn't pay me enough to schedule that amount of games manually without Diamond Scheduler." The software meets the league's expectations, allowing Steve to deliver fair, balanced schedules promptly and seamlessly, ultimately defining success in his role.

As we wrap up our quick peek into the league's inner workings, it's evident that Diamond Scheduler isn't just software; it's a time-saving, efficiency-boosting companion for league organizers like Steve Schiffman. 

In the competitive world of junior basketball leagues, where precision and promptness are paramount, Diamond Scheduler stands as a silent force that helps drive the North Jersey Junior Basketball League toward continued success.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family. 

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