How RYSE Transformed Scheduling Operations for 15 Divisions

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In the fast-paced world of youth sports, efficient scheduling is crucial for a seamless experience. Allan McCloud, President and CEO of Recreational Youth Sports Enterprise (RYSE), a recreational baseball league, understands the importance of creating a process to streamline operations

McCloud credits the league's success to hard work, commitment, and a team with over 80 years of experience in youth sports. Even so, managing a league of over 100 teams is no small feat, with the continuous expansion of RYSE forcing McCloud to find a tool to help them move away from manually creating league schedules. 

A quick Google search allowed McCloud to discover Diamond Scheduler, a user-friendly professional sports league scheduling software. This case study will review McCloud’s mission, RYSE, and how Diamond Scheduler has transformed how they manage and schedule tournament matchups.

RYSE Baseball League

Via RYSE Baseball League

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The challenge: CEO’s immediate need for an efficient scheduling software

Serving 15 districts in Ohio, RYSE manages 100 recreational league baseball teams. With its own set of rules and backed by years of experience, McCloud’s league is committed to providing high-quality experiences to young athletes by offering enhanced training, increased game opportunities, and—compared to travel leagues—all at a reduced cost.

McCloud’s day is filled with communicating between commissioners and directors, executing expansion goals, and improving the league. The league’s expansion began to weigh heavy on McCloud and his executive team as creating a schedule manually took two weeks to complete.

With the exponential growth of RYSE and time becoming more valuable, McCloud knew he needed an immediate solution to their scheduling needs.

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The solution: A powerful, user-friendly scheduling software

In a quick Google search for a suitable scheduling solution, McCloud came across Diamond Scheduler. McCloud was impressed by Diamond Schedulers' free trial, which was user-friendly, clean (design-wise), and straightforward. 

“A few things that stood out after the trial period were that I could break some things down further into divisions,” recalls McCloud. 

The platform was also perfect for not-so-tech-savvy individuals who can now navigate effortlessly on Diamond Scheduler’s platform. The powerful software came with various options, including single and double-elimination tournament formats and the ability to create multiple divisions.

These features also allowed McCloud and his team to break down divisions into subcategories, such as gold and silver brackets for RYSE. 

This simple but necessary option to create divisions gave the league flexibility and allowed RYSE to accommodate different skill levels. Additionally, Diamond Scheduler's incorporation of blackout dates helped streamline the scheduling process even more, ensuring matches were planned without conflicts.

“We've only used it this past year, but it has helped us exponentially. In the past, our commissioners and directors met at a coffee shop, and we created the schedule. This process would take 5-6-7 hours per day for at least two weeks. With Diamond Scheduler, this process now takes us two days.”

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Via RYSE Baseball League

The result: 84+ hours saved per season with Diamond Scheduler

Implementing Diamond Scheduler had a significant impact on RYSE's scheduling process. Previously, commissioners and directors spent 5-7 hours per day, over a two-week period, meeting in person to create the schedule.

This time-consuming process involved continuous back-and-forth communication, reviewing blackout dates, and obtaining approvals for McCloud. However, Diamond Scheduler transformed this process, reducing it to just two days. 

RYSE achieved an impressive time savings of approximately 84 hours, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on other crucial aspects of managing the league and giving back to the community.

RYSE has made remarkable progress in streamlining its processes by utilizing Diamond Scheduler. Implementing Diamond Scheduler’s user-friendly platform has enabled RYSE to save significant time, enhance flexibility, and improve overall scheduling efficiency.

As RYSE continues to expand its reach and positively impact the lives of young athletes, we are thrilled that Diamond Scheduler remains a crucial tool in supporting its mission of providing exceptional recreational sports experiences.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family.

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