College World Series Winners: A Decade of Dominance

College World Series Winners: A Decade of Dominance

The College World Series might just be one of the most exciting events on the sporting calendar. Now in its 76th year of being, the series has produced more than a few sporting greats that have shaped the face of baseball forever.

The CWS has an important place in history and is known for:

  • Highlighting the achievements in college baseball

  • National recognition for players

  • Draft prospects 

  • Historical legacy

  • Recruitment and program building

  • Community and fan engagement

  • Inspiration for future baseball players

  • Alumni Impact

Casting a spotlight on the importance and legacy of the game of baseball, this article will focus on the dominant CWS winners of the past decade and how they have changed baseball as we know it today. 

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Evolution of the College World Series

The College World Series has undergone a number of changes since its inception in 1947. What began as a small-time eight-team tournament played in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the College World Series has now become a grand spectacle of collegiate-level baseball that attracts teams from all over the United States. 

Making its move to Ohama, Nebraska - where it is still played today, the tournament has seen a few other changes that make it the event we know and love today. For one, the tournament’s format has expanded and incorporates double-elimination rounds that result in a best-of-three championship series. 

Television coverage in the 1980s only further catapulted the CWS into the spotlight, creating an even larger fan base and providing a platform for new talent to shine.

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How the CWS winners have shaped college baseball

The College World Series has certainly shaped the future of college baseball by increasing the visibility of the game, helping top players develop and hone their skills, giving them access to better recruitment and program-building opportunities, and financial support, to name a few.

Here are a few more ways in which the winners of the CWS have shaped college baseball:

  • Coaching excellence

  • Inspiration for young players

  • Traditions and cultures that have now been in place for 76 years

  • Regional growth in the baseball field

  • Historical legacy

College baseball has grown in popularity over the many years of the College World Series, and fans of the sport cannot wait to see what is still to come for the many teams that make the game what it is today. 

Decade of dominance: 2013 to 2023

Here is a list of the winners of the College World Series for the last ten years:

2013: University of California, Los Angeles

2014: Vanderbilt University

2015: Virginia Tech

2016: Coastal Carolina University

2017: Florida University

2018: Oregon State University

2019: Vanderbilt University

2020: Canceled

2021: Mississippi State University

2022: University of Mississippi

2023: Louisiana State University

There have been some pretty incredible wins over the last few decades, but none so spectacular as those of the last decade. But why? What makes these last ten years more special than any other decade?

Let’s take a look at each team's performance over the series for their respective years:

2013: University of California, Los Angeles

The Bruins led their team to victory with their 49-17 win over Mississippi State to win the CWS for the first time since 1997. 

2014: Vanderbilt University

The team's 51-21 win over Virginia Tech was Vanderbilt University's first-ever win in the history of the College World Series. 

2015: Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech Cavaliers beat Vanderbilt University 44-24 to win their first title in 60 years. 

2016: Coastal Carolina University

The Coastal Carolina Chanticleers scored an impressive 55-18 win over the University of Arizona baseball team in June of 2016. 

2017: Florida University 

In 2017, the Florida University Gators took the title of CWS winner when they took on the LSU Tigers with an impressive final score of 52-19. 

2018: Oregon State University

The Oregon University Beavers beat the Arkansas Razorbacks 55-12 to take the title of CWS winners in 2018. 

2019: Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University had their second win of the decade when they took on the Michigan University Wolverines. The Commodores came out tops with a final score of 59-12. 

2020: Canceled

The 2020 College World Series tournament was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

2021: Mississippi State University

The Mississippi State Bulldogs beat the Vanderbilt Commodores to take the title of CWS champions in 2021 with a final score of 50-18. 

2022: The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Ole Miss beat Oklahoma State 42-23 to win their first-ever CWS title. 

2023: Louisiana State University

The LSU Tigers proved they were the best when they took on the Florida Gators, beating them 54-17 and winning their first CWS championship title since 2009. 

Common traits and strategies of the winning teams

Baseball is a game of chance and strategy. Or is it? What sets winning teams apart from the rest? We think we have the answer as we look at the following common traits of the winners of the CWS over the past decade:

  • Commitment 

  • Performance results

  • Hard work and a good team strategy

No team will survive a competition as fierce as the College World Series without incredible skill, the drive to win, and, of course, the leadership of a great coach.

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Unforgettable performances: Players who left a mark

The baseball College World Series has a knack for showcasing those unforgettable performances that have left their mark on the world of college baseball. These annual tournaments have seen teams rising to greatness through truly awe-inspiring displays of skill, dedication, and teamwork.

With each player leaving their mark in one way or another, there is no doubt that each tournament bracket will have an unforgettable performance that will linger in the minds of fans for years to come.

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Behind the scenes: Coaching and strategies

There is no doubt that a good baseball team needs a dedicated and talented coach to lead the team to victory. In the case of collegiate baseball, the pressure is on coaches to prepare their teams for greatness. But what are some of the coaching styles used? And are they effective?

There are two main coaching styles present in the world of collegiate baseball. One is passive, while the other is more intense and sees the coach barking orders at the players. Say what you will; there is proof that players respond just as well to both styles. 

Let’s take a quick look at what each entails:

Intense: More likely to yell orders, drills their team to follow orders, and pushes them as hard as he can. 

Passive: Adopts a calmer approach, speaks rather than yelling, and motivates players in a calm manner.

These coaching styles and a strict training regimen that sees teams training year-round is a recipe for success.

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The role of coaching staff in building winning collegiate baseball programs

A team is only as good as its coach. This is a profoundly true statement that is evident when you consider the amount of hard work and dedication needed to prepare a team for an event like the College World Series baseball tournament. 

This tournament and other collegiate baseball programs have a rich history in America as they produced some of the Major League Baseball greats we all know today.

The allure of collegiate baseball rivalries

Collegiate baseball rivalries are by no means a new occurrence and have been a major part of the allure since the inception of the College World Series in 1947. 

These include South Carolina, Oregon State, Southern California, Arizona State, Cal State Fullerton, Florida State, Penn State, Fresno State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Omaha Nebraska, and Wichita State. 

These rivalries attract baseball fans from around the country, vying to get a front-row seat to what is now one of America's popular sporting events.

The influence of the College World Series on baseball programs

The College World Series has had a phenomenal influence on college baseball as it elevates the sport at a national level, giving current and future players access to better programs and training opportunities that arise from the prestige of the CWS. 

Here are a few more ways that the CWS influences the college baseball season:

  • Attracts new recruits

  • Encourages coaches to build better, stronger training programs

  • Elevates both the university and the sport at a national level

  • Helps highlight possible future MLB players

There is no doubt that college baseball has and always will be a popular sport. And with the CWS still one of the major events on any baseball fan's calendar, there are sure to be a great number of new recruits joining their university’s baseball team to take part in this prestige showdown.

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The College World Series: An inspiration for young athletes

College baseball has always had its place in the hearts and minds of young baseball players. Who wouldn’t want to join a team that has played in a tournament that is known for its legacy and importance?

The legacy beyond the field

Winning a CWS tournament has a profound impact on a baseball player’s career in several ways:

  1. Exposure: The CWS tournament is a nationally televised event, giving up-and-coming baseball stars a chance to showcase their talents on a national level. 

  2. Networking Opportunities: Playing in a College World Series tournament allows players to make valuable connections within the baseball community. 

  3. Draft Positions: Major league baseball teams are known to scout for players at the College World Series tournaments. 

  4. Scholarships and Education: Many CWS players are granted scholarships or other educational opportunities.

The contribution of successful college players to the major leagues

It is a well-known fact that top collegiate baseball players will go on to join the major leagues. Major league Baseball scouts use the College World Series as a platform that showcases the talents of the best players and future legends that will impact the game, which often results in drafting opportunities. 

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The college baseball landscape is slowly changing as universities and other educational institutions ramp up their recruitment strategies to find players that will elevate the game and highlight the school’s excellence in baseball.

While big names like Texas, Oklahoma, and California have recently made announcements that they would be moving from the “Big 12” to the “Big Ten” for the 2024 season, only time will tell how this impacts the future of collegiate baseball and the College World Series tournament. 

Future CWS winner predictions

There is always talk about who is the favorite for the title of CWS champion. And while LSU took the title in 2023, there are already predictions for who will take it in 2024. Follow your favorite college baseball blogs and forums to see just who is earmarked to win next year.

Frequently asked questions

The College World Series is one of the most exciting events on the sporting calendar, and its a preview to the future stars of the MLB. The past decade showed dominant baseball programs CWS winners of the past decade and how they have changed baseball as we know it today. 

When is the schedule announced for the teams in the CWS?

The men's College World Series Super Regional round takes place each year on the first or second weekend of June. This round determines the eight teams that qualify to play in the CWS. The schedule is normally announced on Monday night or Tuesday morning following the Super Regional round.

How many people attend the final game in person?

The 2022 men's College World Series final game was attended by a whopping 25,972 people.

Where can I watch the CWS on TV?

The College World Series games will be fully broadcast on ESPN and ESPN 2, including the final game to see the College World Series winners.


The men's College World Series winners hold an enduring significance in the realm of collegiate sports. These national championship winners represent a culmination of years of hard work and dedication, all in the spirit of competition.

The last decade, in particular, has been challenging with the pandemic and other changes that have pushed these college baseball teams to their limits. But, despite these challenges, the College World Series has gone on to produce an exciting decade of baseball tournaments that have wowed fans.

Become a supporter of the College World Series today as you predict who the next big winner will be, explore the teams that make up the player board, and enjoy one of America’s best-loved sports.

Thalia Oosthuizen has been writing in a professional capacity for over a decade. Her love for sports has led her down the path of sports writing, where her passion and skills combine. Thalia is a runner, cyclist, and swimmer, and enjoys playing tennis and hockey. Her favorite sports teams include Chelsea F.C. and the Georgian Lions Rugby Club.

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