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Cutting 50% of your scheduling workload is difficult, but not with Diamond Scheduler. Discover how Golden Blade’s Women’s Hockey League improved operations and saved time.
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In the competitive world of women's hockey, league operations can be an intricate dance of schedules and logistics. Upon taking on the new scheduler role for Golden Blades Women's Hockey League in 2016, Suzanne Hume understood that this meant orchestrating an equitable schedule for 25 teams and over 375 players across different divisions. 

Suzanne wanted to start her scheduling journey on the right foot as she knew manual scheduling would be time-consuming, prone to errors and could create an unbalanced schedule. 

In this case study, we explore Golden Blades Women's Hockey League, Suzanne’s mission to make a fair schedule, and how starting off with Diamond Scheduler automatically saved her time and simplified the scheduling process.

Golden Blade Hockey League 2022-23 GB T3 FINALISTS

Via Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League - 2022/23 Tier 1 Finalists Burlington Barracudas SRA 1625 vs Durham West Lightning SRA 320

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The challenge: Creating a fair and balanced schedule in an efficient amount of time

Suzanne’s journey with the Golden Blades Women's Hockey League started with her as an active player within the league in 2010. As the league grew in 2016, Suzanne took on the significant challenge of becoming the league’s official scheduler. 

Being with the league for 6 years as an athlete, when Suzanne took up the challenge, she wanted her dedication to the new role to be reflected by creating fair and balanced league game schedules that satisfied all 25 teams.

Based on her experience and familiarity with the organization, moving forward with the league's current approach of manual scheduling would be overwhelming and inefficient. She wanted to avoid making teams and representatives unhappy due to unfavorable game times or match-ups. 

The need for a more efficient solution that could streamline scheduling, reduce errors, and ensure equitable match-ups for all teams was evident.

The solution: A scheduling software that can save time and create fair match-ups

Suzanne wanted to make an immediate positive impact on the organization and stumbled upon Diamond Scheduler during her search for scheduling programs. Its user-friendly interface and robust features impressed her, and the quick responses from customer support made the scheduling platform a compelling choice. 

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Suzanne convinced the league to adopt Diamond Scheduler, recognizing its potential to produce a more equitable schedule and optimize operations while saving valuable time. Diamond Scheduler's intuitive platform allowed Suzanna to create schedules effortlessly. 

Constraints eliminated the risk of double bookings, while the software's flexibility allowed for easy adjustments based on the league's preferences; best of all, it saved her time.

Golden Blades Women's Hockey League 2022-23 GB T2 FINALISTS

Via Golden Blades Women’s Hockey League - 2022/23 Tier 3 Finalist Scarborough Sharks B 872 vs Toronto Leaside Wildcats SRC 3801

The result: A balanced schedule and 40+ hours saved per year

The impact of Diamond Scheduler was evident right from the start. Creating a schedule with the software took between 10 to 20 hours, and fine-tuning the matchups only required an additional two hours.

In contrast, Suzanne estimated that manual scheduling could have taken up to 40 hours or even more. The time saved was immense, allowing Suzanne to focus on other vital league responsibilities and ensuring that all team representatives and players were satisfied with the schedule.

“I can't imagine creating a schedule without using the scheduling program,” states Suzanne. “If I didn’t have Diamond Scheduler, it would probably take me 40 hours, twice the amount of time if I were doing it manually, if not more.”

Moreover, the newfound efficiency and accuracy transformed operations, resulting in a more harmonious league experience. With fewer scheduling conflicts and improved match-ups, the Golden Blades Women's Hockey League players and representatives focused on what matters most, the game.

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In the realm of women's hockey, where precision and fairness are paramount, Diamond Scheduler emerged as the ultimate game-changer for the Golden Blades Women's Hockey League.

By revolutionizing the scheduling process and saving invaluable hours, the software empowered Suzanne and the league to focus on delivering memorable sporting experiences. 

As the league continues to thrive, Diamond Scheduler stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in elevating sports operations to new heights.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family.

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