Senior Softball League Cuts 90% of Its Scheduling Workload

Case study:
Sun & Fun Tri-County Senior Softball League

In the heart of Central Florida, the Sun & Fun Tri-County Senior Softball League has become a hub of sporting activity for individuals aged 50 and above.

The statement of baseball being America’s favorite pastime is still valid, as these senior athletes get the job done.

With 48 teams spread across 18 communities and a dedicated team of 50 staff members, this league is a thriving testament to the enduring passion for sports among senior athletes.

The league season is one to watch as it includes tournament bracket showdowns, an all-star game, and much more.

This success story, however, comes with its own set of unique challenges, and the league's webmaster and scheduler, Maryann Bubelnik, has been at the forefront of addressing them.

In this article, we will delve into the Sun & Fun Tri-County Senior Softball League, exploring the challenges Maryann faced, and the solution she found in Diamond Scheduler.

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Via Sun & Fun Tri County Senior Softball League Inc.

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The challenge: To modernize operations and save time

As the webmaster and scheduler, Maryann has the critical responsibility of keeping the league's website up to date, managing the rosters, recording game scores, updating standings, and facilitating communication with teams and referees.

With a bustling schedule of 25 to 30 games happening simultaneously, keeping everything organized and efficient is no small feat.

To add to the complexity of her role, Maryann aimed to transition the league into the digital space, while aiming to save time with a new scheduling process.

The main goal was to move their processes online and eliminate cumbersome paperwork and manual scheduling. Maryann understood the pathway of getting the first goal completed but still needed to find scheduling software to transition her from manual scheduling.

Tri-County Senior Softball League 2

Via Sun & Fun Tri County Senior Softball League Inc.

The solution - An easy-to-use scheduling platform that also saves time

Maryann successfully transferred the league's paperwork and updates online, resulting in easier access to registration forms and league information.

The next step was finding an efficient scheduling solution, this led her to Diamond Scheduler. Maryann stumbled upon Diamond Scheduler while searching for a scheduling tool that would streamline her tasks and replace the need for manual scheduling and cumbersome Excel sheets. 

At the time, Diamond Scheduler was in its beta version, and Maryann decided to collaborate with John Hall, the founder, to refine the software while building her league's schedule.

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The decision to use Diamond Scheduler was a no-brainer for Maryann. Although she had explored other platforms, none compared to the user-friendliness and effectiveness of Diamond Scheduler.

She also noted easy access to support and being able to communicate her suggestions for the software, which made Diamond Scheduler beneficial for all users.

The software had an immediate impact on the league as it allowed their operations to move more smoothly and it gave her more time to focus on other league operations and the community.

“Overall Diamond Scheduler worked out for me. And I've been with them ever since, every year I just keep going. I love the software,” says Maryann.

Tri-County Senior Softball League 3

Via Sun & Fun Tri County Senior Softball League Inc.

The results: Cutting 90% of their scheduling workload

The decision to implement Diamond Scheduler proved to be a game-changer for the Sun & Fun Tri-County Senior Softball League. Maryann shared that the software streamlined their scheduling process remarkably.

The time spent creating schedules was reduced from three hours a day, twice a week, down to 20 minutes a week. This translated into a 90% cut on the league’s scheduling workload, which resulted in significant time savings, and a more efficient workflow.

Diamond Scheduler’s user-friendly interface also made it easier for Maryann to manage and create the league's busy schedule. 

“I did check out other platforms. I didn't like them as much. I didn't find them as user-friendly as Diamond Scheduler,” said Maryann.

The overall goal of upgrading the club’s processes allowed its 18 communities to have seamless access to the league, giving its members the opportunity to share news while promoting its growth.

The software also automated several manual processes, significantly reducing the time and effort those tasks previously required. With Diamond Scheduler implemented, Maryann has more time to update the website, communicate with teams, and keep the standings accurate.

With members being able to access information and updates online and Maryann eliminating the need for manual scheduling, she achieved her vision of success: “Going into meetings and having 300 people shaking my hands, smiling, knowing that my contribution made their interaction with the league smoother,” says Maryann.

Maryann Bubelnik and the Sun & Fun Tri-County Senior Softball League have found an indispensable ally in Diamond Scheduler. 

By embracing this scheduling software, they have not only saved valuable hours but have reallocated these hours to focus more on its members while remaining vibrant and efficient in the sporting community.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family.

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