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In the realm of non-profit sports organizations, scheduling games, practices, and managing resources on a budget can be an intricate puzzle. Steve Gearhart, the dedicated league scheduler for the Northwood Youth Baseball Softball League in Nappanee, Indiana, faced numerous challenges when creating a comprehensive season schedule.

Overseeing a team and manually creating schedules for five leagues, Steve recognized that he needed an efficient yet affordable way to streamline their current scheduling process. After thoroughly searching for a scheduling platform, Steve discovered Diamond Scheduler, an affordable and easy-to-use league scheduling software.

In this case study, we will dive into Steve's hectic world of non-profit sports and how Diamond Scheduler has streamlined his scheduling processes while increasing productivity.

Northwood Youth Baseball Softball League

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The challenge: Alleviating burdensome manual work

With only a handful of volunteers and a few board members, Steve faced challenges such as limited field availability, a shortage of umpires, and creating schedules for 5 softball leagues, 25 teams in total—using Excel. 

At the time, his current scheduling system involved manually balancing field parameters or constraints while ensuring a fair and balanced schedule. This was his ultimate challenge. 

Being very knowledgeable about processes and determined to improve his current situation, Steve understood that it was imperative for him to have an efficient yet, affordable tool to manage his complex scheduling requirements and streamline processes.

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The solution: An affordable sports scheduling software

In search of a more efficient solution, Steve sought out scheduling software platforms with a simple Google search and discovered Diamond Scheduler. The platform offered a cost-effective option that promised to streamline the scheduling process, save time, and improve productivity.

Leveraging the software's free trial, Steve created a few simulated schedules, and he recognized the potential of Diamond Scheduler to meet his scheduling needs. Calling other team members to coordinate schedules and looking out for double bookings became a thing of the past.

“At first, I created some simulated schedules, and I was like, ‘Oh, this works,’” Steve recalls. “But I obviously needed the full version, and after a month, I upgraded.”

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Upon upgrading to the full version, Steve began to unlock the true power of the software. Diamond Scheduler allowed him to input parameters and constraints for field availability, teams, and staff, enabling the software to automatically generate a fair and balanced schedule.

The intuitive user interface and short learning curve made it easy for Steve to navigate the software and create schedules in a fraction of the time compared to his previous methods.

“I easily saved eight to 10 hours from what it would take me to create my schedule in Excel. With Diamond Scheduler, I create our league schedule in one hour.”

With Diamond Scheduler's algorithm-based approach, teams were scheduled to play approximately one to two times a week, booking in the correct time slot while ensuring a well-distributed and manageable workload for everyone involved.

Northwood Youth Baseball Softball League 2019 District Champions

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The results: From 8 to 10 hours using Excel—down to 1 hour using Diamond Scheduler

The impact of Diamond Scheduler scheduling software on Steve's scheduling process and time management was remarkable. The software not only saved him precious time but also made his life significantly easier. 

Previously, Steve would spend between 4 to 6 hours manually creating schedules using Excel, struggling to match various parameters and field availabilities. 

However, with Diamond Scheduler, he was able to create the league's season schedule in just one hour—a staggering eight to ten-hour time savings.

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The software's ability to balance and schedule matchups on different fields, considering the limited resources available, was invaluable to Steve. 

Diamond Scheduler's intelligent round-robin algorithms ensured that teams had fair and balanced playing opportunities, minimizing conflicts and maximizing field utilization. The balanced schedule also helped minimize player injury and fatigue.

By streamlining the scheduling process, Steve could focus more on other important aspects of his role, such as communicating with coaches and parents, ensuring the smooth operation of games, and managing field setup and resources. With the additional time saved, Steve can also connect with other league schedulers and board members to learn how to improve operations.

Steve's ultimate measure of success was when the kids and parents didn’t realize the complexity of the scheduling process; In other words, everything running smoothly in the background.

“Diamond Scheduler does a great job balancing and scheduling matchups on different fields….. It's just a timesaver and pretty simple to use once you understand how to navigate around it.”

The positive impact extended beyond Steve's own experience. Through Steve’s decision to use Diamond Scheduler, coaches, parents, and players, no longer had to worry about conflicting schedules or field availability, allowing them to fully enjoy the sports activities without any scheduling-related stress.

The scheduling software's efficient features saved him significant time, allowing him to create a fair and balanced season schedule in a fraction of the time it previously took.

With a new streamlined scheduling process, Diamond Scheduler not only made Steve's life easier but also enhanced the overall experience for coaches, parents, and young athletes, enabling them to focus on what truly matters—the love of the game.

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