14 Sports Tech Companies Transforming Modern Athletics

14 Sports Tech Companies Transforming Modern Athletics

A surge in funding and an increased demand for sports tech is paving the way for cutting-edge sports companies to develop solutions for various challenges in the sports industry.

Some of the most innovative sports tech businesses are working on unique solutions, enabling actionable insights from athlete data, optimizing fan experiences, using business intelligence, and driving the sports world to new heights.

The sports tech landscape is constantly changing, with new players entering the market and established companies continuing to innovate.

This article discusses the advances in technology that are shaping the future of sports and sporting events and highlights the top players in the sports tech industry.

How have sports tech businesses changed the game?

1. Innovation in the sports industry

In recent years, sports companies have evolved significantly, expanding beyond traditional aspects of sports, like fitness and training equipment.

Today, you can find sports tech encompassing areas like analytics, AI, and real-time data.

These innovations are not only changing the way we approach sports but also how we consume and engage with them.

Sports analytics has become a lucrative market, with a global value of around $885 million in sales in 2020.

This has given rise to new companies that focus on providing valuable insights to drive better performance and strategy for coaches and athletes alike.

Moreover, advancements in fields like AI and STEM have led to new ways of analyzing and improving player performance, creating more opportunities for innovation within the sports high-tech software space.

2. What has the impact of sports tech been on athlete performance?

Vizual Edge-min

Vizual Edge training in action

The incorporation of cutting-edge technology in sports has had profound effects on athlete performance.

One notable example is Vizual Edge, a company that has developed a platform to train athletes' visual reflexes.

This service aids players in honing skills such as depth perception, which can be crucial for success in sports like baseball or golf.

In addition to specialized training tools, technology has allowed for a more efficient and precise collection of performance data.

This enables athletes to harness real-time information and make improvements based on specific performance metrics.

Consequently, technology has become an indispensable element in the pursuit of excellence for athletes across various disciplines.

3. How has sports tech influenced fan engagement?

Not only has sports tech influenced athlete performance, but it has also revolutionized the way fans interact with their favorite sports.

From virtual reality experiences to predictive analytics for fantasy games, technology has significantly enhanced and expanded the means through which fans engage with sports content.

For example, betting apps and NFTs have added new dimensions to how fans participate in sports, creating an immersive and personalized experience.


How to bet with DraftKings, a popular sports betting platform.

Additionally, companies like Fanatics have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of fan engagement through innovative products and services, ensuring that fans remain connected to their favorite teams and athletes.

To sum up, sports companies have played a significant role in elevating the sports industry to new heights, transforming the way athletes train, perform, and engage with fans.

This field will likely continue to evolve, providing ample opportunities for innovation and revenue growth.

What are the best sports tech companies?

1. Nextiles

Nextiles is a revolutionary sports tech company recognized for its innovative approach to smart fabrics.

The company's technology allows you to gain valuable insights into your performance through embedded sensors in the fabric, which can aid in improving your techniques and outcomes.

2. Proteus


Get personalized training insights with Proteus

Proteus is a game-changer in the field of athletic training and performance analytics.

By leveraging advanced sensor technology, this company helps you in optimizing your workouts and perfecting your skills.

Their system offers real-time data, allowing you to make fitness goals, make instant adjustments, and understand your progress better.

3. Zippin

Zippin reshapes the fan experience with streamlined technology for checkout-free concessions and retail.

Enabling a seamless, frictionless experience, Zippin helps you avoid long queues and make the most of your time at sports events.

4. Diamond Scheduler

Diamond Scheduler is great for scheduling team and league events.

Diamond Scheduler sports scheduling software

Creating game day and practice schedules by hand is tedious and can definitely put a damper on your role as a coach or team manager, especially when unexpected delays or schedule constraints rear their heads.

Diamond Scheduler is a powerful software solution designed to streamline the scheduling process for sports leagues and teams.

Utilizing its advanced features, you can effectively manage your league's schedules and make updates as needed to accommodate changes and conflicts.

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5. Veo

Veo offers an innovative video analysis platform for sports teams.

With Veo, you can easily record and analyze matches, practices, and individual player performance.

Use this technology to gain insights into your gameplay and increase your competitive edge.

6. HomeCourt


HomeCourt is partnered with the NBA to help you level up your game

HomeCourt is an official partner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and gives basketball players and coaches an edge through AI-driven technology, allowing you to easily access advanced analytics and gain feedback on your skills.

By simply using your smartphone, you'll receive valuable insights to help you improve your performance on the court.

7. VALD Performance

VALD Performance specializes in biomechanics and strength-testing equipment.

Their products enable you to measure your physical performance with scientific accuracy, which can greatly benefit your training and recovery strategies.

8. CoachUp


Train with experienced coaches to enhance your athletic performance

With CoachUp, you can easily connect with experienced coaches and managers that are specialists in their sport.

This online platform also provides personalized feedback, guidance, and tips to boost your athletic abilities and readiness.

9. Strava

Using Strava allows you to track your exercises, join virtual challenges, and compete with other athletes worldwide.

Designed for both amateur and professional athletes, Strava's performance app helps you set goals and monitor progress, keeping you motivated and engaged.

10. Catapult Sports

Catapult Sports-min

Catapult Sports specializes in wearable technology to track athletic performance

Catapult Sports offers wearable GPS technology for athlete tracking and performance analysis.

By providing you with valuable data and insights, their solutions can help you optimize your training and reduce injury risks.

11. Playermaker

Playermaker's sensor-based technology allows you to collect valuable performance data to improve your skills on the soccer field.

By wearing their device, you can track and analyze your movement, allowing for focused development and growth.

12. Stack Sports

Stack Sports solutions-min

Stack Sports solutions

Stack Sports offers software solutions for sports organizations aiming to streamline operations and improve engagement.

With their platform, you can manage registrations, scheduling, marketing, and more.


VICIS is a safety-focused company specializing in high-performance protective equipment for athletes.

They have developed groundbreaking helmet technology designed to minimize impact forces and protect users against head injuries.

14. Genius Sports

Genius Sports home page-min

Genius Sports offers data-driven solutions to enhance the sport experience

Genius Sports delivers data-driven solutions covering live data, betting, and engagement tools for sports teams and organizations.

With their technology, you can revolutionize how you interact with fans and make data-driven decisions in your organization.

These companies have been recognized by Sports Business Journal and SportTechie as some of the country's most innovative sports tech solutions, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your athletic performance.

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What are the technologies shaping the sports landscape?

Among the technologies shaping the sports landscape, these three are front runners.

1. Wearables and biometrics

Wearables and biometrics play a significant role in the evolution of sports technology.

These technologies offer a wide range of benefits, from tracking your physical activity to monitoring your health data.

As an athlete, you can optimize your performance by using wearables that provide real-time insights into your biomechanics.

With advances in sensors and app design, wearables are becoming more sophisticated and reliable.

For instance, tennis players can use smart wristbands that analyze swing data and provide tips for improvement.

Baseball enthusiasts can now access smartphone apps that track their throw speed and accuracy.

Check out the video below for more insight into wearable technology for sports:

How Wearable Technology has Revolutionised Training, Gillette World Sport

2. Virtual reality and simulation

Virtual reality (VR) gaming and simulation technologies are transforming the way wetrain and enjoy sports.

We can now hone our skills and interact with other players online by immersing in realistic virtual environments.

For example, PlaySight's SmartCourt technology enables tennis players to receive instant feedback, providing a more engaging and interactive experience.

VR and simulation technologies also thrive in esports, blurring the lines between physical and digital sports and entertainment.

Thanks to these advancements, players can participate in competitive environments worldwide, attracting audiences on various social network platforms and fostering an inclusive sports culture.

See how virtual reality is being used in sports below:

Imagery-Assisted Virtual Reality for Athletic Training, HEC Science and Technology

3. Performance analytics and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and performance analytics continue to develop the sports landscape, enabling you to reach new levels of athletic achievement. The integration of AI technology in sports tech companies is revolutionizing the industry by providing advanced analytics and personalized training programs, enhancing both athlete performance and fan engagement.

By analyzing countless data points, AI can generate actionable insights and suggest personalized training regimes that cater to your unique strengths and weaknesses.

You can now maintain an objective understanding of your performances using cutting-edge engineering applied to sports analytics.

Assess your development over time and integrate real-time data during competitions, providing valuable context for decision-making for both athletes and teams alike.

Whether it's AI-powered coaching systems or robust performance analysis tools, embracing these technologies can be instrumental in elevating your athletic abilities and allowing you to achieve your full potential.

Frequently asked questions

What technologies are shaping the sports industry?

The technologies that are shaping the sports industry are:

  • Wearables and biometrics

  • Virtual reality (VR) and simulation

  • Performance analytics and AI

What is one example of sports tech?

Sensors are one of the most important technologies in the sports industry, used for tracking performance, making game calls, and enhancing the entertainment aspect of sports.

Final thoughts

In the realm of sports tech and media companies, there is a handful that stands out as noteworthy.

For those who are responsible for organizing and scheduling sports events, Diamond Scheduler is considered the best option in the market.

The software streamlines the scheduling process and makes it easier to avoid conflicts and ensure all participants are taken care of.

As the industry evolves and technology continues to improve, we can expect to see even more advancements in the field of sports tech.

From sensors and wearables to analytics and data-driven decision-making, these innovations are redefining how sports are played, analyzed, and enjoyed.

John Cross played Division 1 Ice Hockey at College of the Holy Cross before transferring to Amherst College to focus on academics. Now focused on the overlap of tech and sports, in his spare time, he writes about sports and industry trends. 

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