Sports Insurance for Youth: Top 5 Picks for Kids in 2024

Sports Insurance for Youth: Top 5 Picks for Kids in 2024

Operating a youth sports organization can bring joy and excitement to communities around the world.

Not only can it be fulfilling and beneficial to the youths that participate in the sports, but parents, fans, and coaches all gain a sense of accomplishment aiding in the growth and development of the children.

While the goal is for it to all be fun and games, there is always the inevitable risk of bodily injury, especially in high-impact sports like football or hockey.

Furthermore, property damage could occur from a stray homer collision with a car or spectator, for example.

Why is youth sports insurance important?

Youth sports insurance is important to cover any damages that may occur.

One of the many benefits of competitive sports is that there is insurance to cover damages. In line with current insurance industry trends, youth sports organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage, adapting to new risks and challenges in the sports landscape with innovative insurance solutions.

Beyond the injuries and accidents that can occur within the youth sports event, some liabilities could have disastrous impacts on youth sports organizations, which makes youth sports insurance essential.

Often, your sports organization will also need insurance coverage to gain access to fields, facilities, and event venues.

Better to be safe than sorry.

In this article, we've constructed a complete guide to youth sports insurance, the various coverages you'll want to consider, and our top five picks for youth sports insurance companies so you can make the best decision for your league or sports team.

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What are the main types of youth sports insurance for leagues and teams?

‍Property damage and injuries to players, staff members, or spectators can be costly. The best way to manage that risk is by becoming familiar with the youth sports liability insurance coverages that are available.

1. General liability insurance

‍Lawsuits are filed every day for property damage and injuries that occur in the midst of a youth sports game or practice.

These can even arise from events like after-parties or celebrations. This type of insurance policy covers lawsuit claims related to a player or spectator that has suffered bodily injury or property damage due to neglect on behalf of a sports organization or team.

Typically, this type of policy will provide your youth sports organization with an attorney and covers the costs of a potential settlement or an unfavorable jury verdict.

This can vary depending on the insurance company, but the personnel included under this coverage should be officers, directors, employees, and volunteers.

2. Accident insurance

‍According to recent data, 25% of children do not have any type of medical insurance.

Accident insurance minimizes the risk of lawsuits being filed on behalf of teen athletes or participants by paying for medical bills.

Having accident insurance is imperative because, without it, lawyers will seek direct payment from youth sports organizations which can damage an organization's reputation and financials.

3. Directors and officers liability insurance

‍Acting in a similar way as general liability insurance, this youth sports insurance policy protects against claims of mismanagement from a youth sports organization resulting in economic grievance or violation of rights under state, federal, or constitutional law to another party.

These types of lawsuits covered may include but are not limited to

  • Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Wrongful termination of the organizations or leagues personnel or players

  • Discrimination-based actions

  • Failure to follow your sports organization's own rules

Similar to general liability insurance, this policy will provide you with an attorney and will cover costs of settlement or if the jury does not rule in your favor.

This policy should cover the youth sports organization as a whole, including directors, officers, and employees.

4. Crime insurance

‍Crime insurance coverage mitigates the threat of an employee or volunteer taking advantage of trust and embezzling money or property.

Crime insurance can also protect against the forgery of important documents or burglary or theft of money by parties outside the organization.

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Are there other youth sports insurance policies to consider?

Consider the needs of your team, league, or school to find the right youth sports insurance options.

There are other insurance policies that may be needed for your youth sports organization or team depending on several factors, such as the level of travel that takes place in a team setting, usage of commercial property, and the use of faulty or damaged equipment.

Occasionally, liability insurance policies will exclude these important aspects leaving you with unexpected costs. 

1. Workers' compensation insurance

‍This type of insurance coverage is required in most states in the U.S. and even if you reside or operate in a state where it isn't, it's a good idea to have it to ensure your employees and players feel cared for and appreciated.

This type of insurance policy pays for lost wages due to injury on the job, medical expenses, and rehabilitation if needed, which can shorten the amount of time that an employee has to be away from employment.

2. Commercial property insurance

‍If you run a large-scale organization or youth sports team where you own or rent facilities to play and practice in, then property insurance could be extremely beneficial.

This policy covers damage from natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and fire.

It's important to note that the scope of coverage from natural disasters varies greatly depending on the insurance company, with most not covering the likes of floods or earthquakes.

3. Commercial auto insurance

Similar to insurance of property, auto insurance can be important if your sports teams utilize vehicles to travel to and from events and games or to transport equipment.

This type of policy can help cover a sports team or organization that causes injury with a commercial vehicle.

Furthermore, it can cover instances of repair or replacement service if damage occurs due to collision, theft, or vandalism.

4. Equipment insurance

‍Equipment insurance covers a large range of equipment that your youth sports team or organization may own or lease, like gear, uniforms, balls, scoreboards, small sheds, and much more.

These things can oftentimes be stolen or inventively damaged.

Sometimes this type of insurance will be bundled in some form with property or auto insurance, but usually, it needs to be purchased separately.

5. Sports fee insurance

‍This is insurance coverage that sometimes is overlooked but can be beneficial if there is a high injury rate or, for whatever reason, parents cannot pay the remaining fees. This insurance will cover those fees in most cases.

Learn more about sports insurance by watching this short video:

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Our top 5 picks for youth sports insurance companies

‍Picking the right insurance provider can depend on many factors. Some might cater to certain sports or offer only specific policies. And, of course, there is a range of different prices and caps on the dollar amount they will cover. Here is a list of our top five youth sports insurance companies:

1. The Hartford

The Hartford provides many forms of insurance, one of them being youth sports insurance.

They specialize in accident and medical expenses coverage and their policies cover everyone from coaches and players to umpires and referees.

Hartford supplies policies to a wide range of sports from soccer to baseball.

They do not disclose their sports team insurance quotes, so it's best to reach out to your local Hartford insurance agent.

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2. Sadler Sports and Recreation Insurance

Sadler provides insurance coverage for nearly any youth sport you could think of as well as many aspects of youth sports organizations.

They have both custom and generic programs, and you can get an instant online quote within 30 seconds on their website.

They provide all the policies mentioned above, from accident and general liability to property and equipment. They pride themselves on providing quality protection and low prices.

Consult with one of their local agents or visit their website where you'll find more detailed information.

3. Pomi

‍Based out of Virginia, this insurance provider specializes in accident and general liability insurance for an array of sports.

They also cover cheer squads. Everyone from athletes and coaches to fans and volunteers are covered, and they will cover travel, practices, and games.

Visiting their website makes it easy to get a quick quote or file a claim.

4. Westpoint Insurance

Westpoint Insurance has been servicing all of the United States for over 35 years and is hailed as one of the most affordable options when it comes to youth sports facility insurance.

They provide policies for many popular youth sports as well as martial arts, dance studios, and triathlons.

Moreover, not only do they provide policies for teams, but they also specialize in organizations, gyms, and other facilities as a whole.

Check out their website to receive a quote and get in contact with an insurance agent.

5. Esports Insurance

‍Operating for over 20 years, Esports Insurance has policies that cover all of the generic youth sports as well as some that you might not even think of such as archery and bowling.

Coverages encompass organizations, teams, leagues, and facilities. Insurance options include general liability, accident insurance, directors and officers, sports equipment, crime insurance, and much more. Their per-occurrence limit for their general liability plan is $1,000,000, which is considered well above average.

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In closing

‍Youth sports are an inclusive and exciting activity for children and parents in communities across the nation and the world.

Owning and operating a youth sports organization comes with many responsibilities and can be an excellent career for those looking to add value and improve the lives of children in their respective communities.

But like with any business, there are inherent risks, and that's where sports insurance comes into play.

Hopefully, this information we have provided has made it easier to understand the fundamentals of youth sports insurance and given some insight into how to choose the right insurance coverage for your organization. 

Jeff Tipper is an avid sports fan who has a strong passion for basketball. A graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management, Jeff has experience in operations and claim processing and spends his free time writing articles and blogs focused on sports and various business topics.

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