Little League World Series 2023: Youth Baseball Excellence

Little League World Series 2023: Youth Baseball Excellence

The Little League World Series is an annual baseball tournament held for children between the 10th and 12th of August in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

Devised by Carl Stotz in 1939, the annual event, originally known as the National Little League Tournament, mission was to teach kids the importance of teamwork while learning the game of baseball.

Originally opened to American citizens in 1947, the National Little League Tournament's name changed to align with the World Series. By 1952 the Little League World Series (LLWS) was opened to other countries and is now a worldwide phenomenon.

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Importance of the LLWS in promoting youth baseball and sportsmanship

In addition to promoting youth baseball and sportsmanship, Little League is a welcoming environment for players of all abilities and backgrounds. The world is changing, and digital technology advancement means children spend less time outdoors, and interactions are often more impersonal.

a baseball game from the stadium bleachers

Little League promotes personal interactions and physical activity, but it also instills the importance of teamwork and working towards common goals. 

Regardless of how talented a player is, they will only find success if they accept that this is a team sport where every player's contribution counts towards the result. Little League teaches life lessons that will remain relevant as children become adults.

Significance of the 2023 Little League World Series

The 2023 Little League World Series ran from August 16 until August 27. This year's tournament was significant because it's the second normal series since the pandemic prevented play in 2020, and it had to revert to an exclusively American event in 2021. 

It was also the second instance of the 20-team format. In 2020 and 2021, the age limit changed, allowing only players 11 and 12 years old to play in the league. In 2023, the eligibility was changed back to participants between 10 and 12 years of age. 

This year saw a couple of memorable moments during the 11-day event. The Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies met up for the MLB Little League Classic at Historic Bowman Field on August 20, and the Little League Home Run Derby took place on Thursday, August 24.

These were in addition to the World Series championship game, which took place on Sunday, August 27.

Eligibility criteria for teams and players for the 2023 Little League Baseball World Series

As the Little League World Series allowed players aged ten back into the game, there were specific rules in place according to the Little League Baseball regulations. 

10-year-old players were limited to a 75-pitch count, whereas players aged 11 or 12 could throw up to 85 pitches per game. All players were given the same rest period per pitch count, a rule that has remained unchanged over the years.

The host city for the Little League World Series

As always, Williamsport hosted the Little League World Series in 2023. The competition featured two venues which were situated next to each other. 

Howard. J. Lamade Stadium was the site for all matches between American teams, two of the international games, the third-place consolation game, and the Little League World Series Final. Volunteer Stadium hosted other events between the international teams and the Little League Home Run Derby.

The opening ceremony: Notable guests and participants at Volunteer Stadium

This year's Little League had several 'Official Sponsors' including Adidas, Capital One, DICK's Sporting Goods and Dairy Queen. The Opening Ceremony was held at Volunteer Stadium on August 16 from 11:15 am to celebrate 11 days of baseball action.

It included Pennsylvania District 12 Little Leaguers® parading and displaying flags for the participating countries. There was a ceremonial first pitch, and local dignitaries welcomed attendees. Danica Frederick and Asiah Savage performed the National Anthem.

Curaçao vs California | LLWS Highlights 2023

Champions' celebration

Highlights and memorable moments of the 2023 World Series

This year's Little League World Series game has been just as exciting as ever, and the standard of the player's game has been nothing short of exceptional. Hawaii's Honolulu Little League team won the World Series last year while representing the West Region. 

It fell to El Segundo to represent the West Region this year, and they stepped up to the plate to show the world what they are made of. The team had four consecutive victories, eventually beating Needville Little League from Texas 6-1 to land in the championship final.

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Recognition of player and team achievements

Hills Little League from Sydney earned direct entry into the tournament after a close championship game but lost to the Caribbean. The South Czech Republic Municipal de Tijuana initially lost to Japan but fought to get to the international semi-finals. 

Lucas McCauley of Nolensville Little League hit the team's first home run, but they lost to California. Louis Lappe gained much recognition in 2023 as a dominant force for El Segundo, California. Nicknamed 'The Natural', Lappe helped carry the team to the finals against Curacao. 

His teammate Brody Brooks was another one to watch during this event. He whacked the ball over the center-field fence for a two-home run against Ohio, and Lappe finished them off with another to claim their first victory. El Segundo continued to demonstrate their poise throughout each game.

While this was a debut for California, the Caribbean's Curacao has competed in the Little League World Series four times and won the championship in 2004. Jay-Dlynn Wiel and Nasir El-Ossais also showed impressive skills in this year's games, and Joshua Acosta Fernandez impressed with several diving catches.

Even so, a fastball from Curacao's Jay-Dlynn Wiel enabled Lappe to launch a home run to left field and win the 2023 Little League World Series title for California with a final score of 6–5 against Curacao.

The upcoming 2024 MLB’s Little League Classic match-up

The MLB Little League Classic's overall mission is to inspire Little League players to become the MLB's future legends and World Series winners.

In 2024, the Detroit Tigers will play against the New York Yankees in the MLB's Little League Classic on Sunday, August 18, 2024. The Tigers were scheduled to host the Yankees for a three-game series between August 16 and 18 at Comerica Park. 

The series' first two games will be played in Detroit, but the MLB Classic will take place at Bowman Field at 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 18.

Kid sitting on the stadium bleachers

Celebrating sportsmanship and fair play

Emphasis on values taught through youth sports

One of the reasons why Little League continues to be such a global success is that it is for everyone, regardless of race, religion, background, economic status, and ability. 

It is an opportunity for kids to recognize the benefits of working as a team and develop skills and values that can be transferred into their everyday lives. 

Teamwork teaches children the value of friendships, self-discipline, supporting others, and rallying around friends whether or not the end goal is realized. 

Working well as a team will highlight a player's individual strengths and develop skills that can apply to all aspects of their lives, now and in the future.

Stories of exemplary sportsmanship

The values and morals of sportsmanship during the Little League World Series were shown throughout the tournament. One memorable moment happened in the 2022 Little League World Series: Oklahoma hitter Isaiah Jarvis was hit in the head by a hard pitch as he stepped up to the plate.

The pitch was so hard that it knocked off Jarvis's helmet, and Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton was noticeably distraught when he realized he had hurt him. In a demonstration of exceptional sportsmanship, the two players embraced. The moment became viral and received over 17 million views.

Teams to watch

Highlighting standout regional qualifiers

Michigan and Louisiana won the World Series in 2020 and 2021, respectively. El Segundo has certainly provoked much interest during this year's Little League series. 

Still, it might surprise some people that, since Little League International began, almost half of the championship games have been won by teams representing overseas nations. 

Needville Little League from Texas played at the top of their game at Lamade Stadium, but more was needed to beat El Segundo of California.

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International teams with strong track records

The Pabao Little League team from Willemstad in Curacao made the headlines in 2004, winning the championship game against Conejo Valley Little League of Thousand Oaks, California, but there are other teams to watch. 

Hawaii won the championship four times, and Mexico's Municipal de Tijuana won the championship three times. The international team with the most victories is Taiwan, winning 17 events. They are closely followed by Japan, who have won 11 titles.

Players to keep an eye on 

The 2023 Little League World Series was filled with exceptional performances from young talented players. One was Fan Chen-Jun, as his coach described the young player as having more athleticism than anyone he "had ever seen." 

During Chinese Taipei's win against Japan, Fan pitched balls at more than 82 mph. Fan also threw a slider at 71 mph. At 12 years old, he will be too old to compete in another Little League World Series, but he has a very successful baseball career ahead of him if he keeps on top of his game. 

At 12, Stella Weaver of Nolensville Little League will be too old to compete in next year's World Series, but she's proven she can pitch, hit, and handle the spotlight without losing her edge. As mentioned earlier, Lappe and Brooks of California are incredibly confident and capable players who also left their mark on the series

A 12-year-old being the 22nd female player to play in the Little League World Series | GMA

Notable changes and innovations in 2023

Introductions of new rules or formats

Little League has instituted a continuous batting order policy, meaning that there will still be nine fielders on the pitch, but if the team has 12 players, every one of those players will be included in the starting line-up and continue to bat throughout the game. 

This means the best batters will get less time at the plate, and everyone in the game is more involved. It also means players are warmed up and ready to take over if a player falls ill or gets injured.

Integration of technology in enhancing the 2023 Little League World Series experience

The 2023 LLWS app lets users plan a scheduled experience and watch highlights of any date they have missed during the game. The app allows fans to follow their favorite team(s), enable push notifications, and watch videos. 

There is a Fan Cam feature to take and upload photos and a Fan Pass to interact with sponsors.

Media coverage and broadcasting

Coverage by major sports networks and platforms

Watching the Little League World Series has never been easier. You could watch it on ESPN, ESPN 2, or ABC this year. You could stream the series on Fubo, YouTube, Hulu or Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV if you had a subscription to a live streaming service. 

Matchups could also be viewed on Watch ESPN and the ESPN app. As digital services improve, so does the reach to global audiences.

Frequently asked questions

The 2023 Little League World Series ran from August 16 until August 27. This year's tournament held more significance because it's the second normal series since the pandemic prevented play in 2020.

When is the Little League World Series held?

The Little League World Series runs from August 16 until August 27.

Who won the 2023 Little League World Series?

The El Segundo Little League won the 2023 Little League World Series.

What MLB teams played in the MLB Little League Classic?

The Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies met up for the MLB Little League Classic at Historic Bowman Field on August 20, 2023

What channels played the Little League World Series 2023?

The Little League World Series aired on ESPN, ESPN 2, and ABC this year. It was also available on livestream on Fubo, YouTube, Hulu or Roku, FireTV, and Apple TV if you had a subscription to a live streaming service. 


The Little League World Series is one of the world's most significant and influential sporting events. As we have established, it is not just about giving children access to physical activity but teaching them life skills, how to be a good sport, be a good winner, and cope with defeat. 

More importantly, it's about making lasting bonds and understanding the value of being a team player.

Although we no longer live in the same community-spirited neighborhoods as in the 1950s, and the digital age has rapidly changed our worldview, there is still room for sports such as baseball. 

We should encourage children to experience the fun, challenge themselves, and work together to achieve their goals. There is no denying the longevity of its continued popularity, both for players and viewers alike.

Thalia Oosthuizen has been writing in a professional capacity for over a decade. Her love for sports has led her down the path of sports writing, where her passion and skills combine. Thalia is a runner, cyclist, and swimmer, and enjoys playing tennis and hockey. Her favorite sports teams include Chelsea F.C. and the Georgian Lions Rugby Club.

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