2022—A Year in Review + New and Improved Scheduling Features

2022—A Year in Review + New and Improved Scheduling Features

2022 has been a big year for Diamond Scheduler! We officially launched our Web version in November 2022 and have since launched many new features to continually improve our software. 

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Below are 30 features we launched in 2022.

Scheduling functionality

1. Neutral venues

  • Explicitly mark a venue as neutral, even if it has home teams (previously only neutral if home teams not assigned)

2. Optional scheduling config: enforce home venues

  • Allow scheduler to ignore home-team / neutral venue constraints

3. New time constraints

  • Create additional time/date constraints for teams, including

  • No play team

  • Must play at home

  • Max travel from last game

  • Max travel from home venue

Add Time 7 Date Constraints

4. Balanced schedules

  • Setting to turn on balancing of days of week, time of day, venues, surfaces, etc

  • Leads to many more unscheduled games than normal schedule

5. Schedule log

  • See a step-by-step log of the scheduling attempt, and see why specific timeslots can’t be used for specific games

6. Conflict checker

  • Run a conflict checker on a schedule to determine if any teams or surfaces have conflicts (usually created by hand-management)

7. Schedule rotations

  • If not 95% success or above, rotate pairings and try again to see if we can improve results

  • Keep track of best result and use at the end of rotations

8. Dynamic early / middle / late balance

  • When reporting EML balance, we now examine all games in the schedule and categorize them based on relative start time, rather than using previously hardcoded time ranges

  • e.g. previously, a schedule that only had games between 4 pm and 10pm would all come back as “late”. Now, it will classify those 4-6 pm as “early”, 6-8 pm as “middle”, etc.

9. Enhanced balance reporting

  • Total Matchups, including Home-Away balances between specific teams

  • Venue balance per team

  • Home-Away and EML balance per team

  • Weekly Balance per team

  • Day of week balance per team

  • Rest teams per week

 Enhanced balance reporting

10. Constraints copying

  • When creating a time/date constraints, users can now apply it to all teams in the division using checkbox at save

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11. Override constraints box

  • Allow for ignoring of team’s constraints when manually assigning a game to a timeslot

12. Blank schedules

  • Allow for creating a blank schedule where you can create games by hand rather than using the algorithm. Particularly useful for small schedules/cross-division entries.

13. Enhanced filtering for game table

  • More columns and better filtering experience across games, practices, timeslots, divisions, etc.

14. Last edited field on schedule items

  • Keep track of what you edited by seeing when each item was edited in the table

Calendar & timeslot functionality

15. Hidden calendar days

  • Hide certain days on the calendar if not relevant to your schedule, to increase working space and improve UI

16. Swap timeslots from calendar

  • Highlight two games on calendar and swap timeslots

17. Splitting timeslots

  • Turn a single timeslot or game into 2 back-to-back items, creating a double-header if it was a game

18. Reserved timeslots

  • Create timeslots but prevent them from being schedule by marking them as reserved

19. Calendar settings

  • Change the time range shown as well as display interval to save space

  • Ability to hide calendar toolbar for more space

  • Persistent across page changes

20. Bulk surface updating

  • Select items on the calendar and change the venue + surface they are at

Bulk surface updating

Importing and Exporting

21. CSV importing of people

  • Import players, coaches, etc via CSV

22. Import Coaches from SportsEngine

  • Bring in coaches during SE import

23. JSON import from desktop and vice versa

  • Bring your league from the desktop program to the web via JSON, or export web to desktop

24. Uploading timeslots via CSV

  • Import your existing timeslots in a formatted CSV rather than creating by hand

25. New CSV export formats for other platforms

  • GoalOnline 

  • LeagueApps

  • LeagueAthletics

  • Arbiter

  • PointStreak

  • BlueSombrero

  • TeamSnap

26. New export visualizations

  • Day-By-Day CSV

  • Per-Team CSV

Bulk surface updating

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Account settings and scheduling sharing

27. Timezone selection and first day of the week

  • Set your explicit timezone and choose which day of the week shows up on the calendar and is used for scheduling (e.g., many leagues start on Monday rather than Sunday)

28. Public schedule sharing

  • Get a publicly-accessible read-only link to the schedule

29. Schedule embedding

  • Get an iframe embed code that displays a read-only version of the schedule to embed on your website

30. Bulk editing

  • Edit all team information within the season from a common screen (app.cactusware.com/bulk)

If you are looking for any of these features mentioned above for your scheduling needs, we have a free editable and printable tournament bracket for you to use. You are also welcome to sign up for a free trial of Diamond Scheduler. You can try all of Diamond Scheduler’s features for free when you sign up! Some games will be hidden and export is disabled until your account is upgraded.

Be sure to check out our tutorials before getting started for the best experience:

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We will continue to improve our software in 2023 with new features to help your scheduling experience quicker and easier. Onward and upward to 2023!

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