Sports scheduling made simple.

Diamond Scheduler makes planning your league's complex season easier than ever. Create your first schedule in minutes for free. It's fast, fun, and simple.


Why People Love Diamond Scheduler

We're here to save you the headaches that come with complex scheduling.

Unlimited Leagues
Round Robin Schedules
Practice Schedules
Across Division Schedules
Powerful Constraints
Easy to Use
SportsEngine Integration
CSV Uploads
CSV Exports
Beautiful UX

"Our league runs like clockwork. Every team, coach, player and parent has benefited from our use of Diamond Scheduler. We simply could not have a new season without it"

"I run a lot of leagues, different types, Diamond Scheduler has done an amazing job helping me with all my issues. Highly recommend this program."
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Simple, Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Unlimited Leagues, Divisions, Teams, etc.
Unlimited Schedules
All Scheduling Features
CSV Imports, CSV Exports
SportsEngine Integration
Constraints: Date, Travel, Coaches, Rest, etc.
Fast, Secure, Beautiful Interface
per year
Secure billing through Stripe.
Cancel at anytime in billing portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! You can try Diamond Scheduler and only pay if it suits your needs. Note that only partial schedules are shown for free users, but will be unlocked upon upgrading!

Is there a limit on leagues, divisions, teams, etc?

Nope! Create as many as you want. We want you to be successful!

Do you offer tutorials?

Yes! Please visit the tutorials page for video walkthroughs of the application and how-to videos for common tasks.

Can I import my league from the Desktop Client?

Yes! Please visit this page to learn how.

Do you offer support?

Yes. We offer both free and premium support, depending on the issue and your needs. Please see the support page for more details.

How can I purchase a license? What types of licenses are available?

Diamond Scheduler is available as an annual subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time from the billing portal, no contact needed. Billing is done securely through Stripe and you can pay with almost any credit card. We don't store your payment details!

What kind of scheduling constraints are available?

The following constraints are available: minimum days rest, max travel distance from last game or home venue, coach conflicts, venue home teams, max games per day, max games per week, prevention of coach conflicts, max travel

Can I create Practice, Round Robin, and Across-Division schedules?

Yes! Diamond Scheduler supports each of these schedule types in our powerful scheduler.

Does Diamond Scheduler support tournament scheduling?

At this time, we do not support tournament scheduling. This is actively in development though, so be sure to check back soon!

League Creation Wizard (2:16)

See how to use our Wizard to create your league, including divisions, teams, venues, playing surfaces, and more!

General Dashboard Walkthrough (3:48)

Walk through the dashboard. See how to view and manage your leagues, seasons, and the items within them like divisions, schedules, and more.

Calendar + Timeslots (3:35)

See how the calendar works to manage timeslots, games, practices, schedules, and more.

Scheduling (5:03)

See how to create schedules in Diamond Scheduler, including parameters, styles, constraints, and more.

SportsEngine Integration (5:29)

View the SportsEngine integration. Connect your account, download your league, create schedules, and send them back up to SportsEngine in seconds.