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If you want to leave all timeslots, you can select either specific timeslots or the entire schedule and move them to a different date.

Moving the Entire Schedule

Let’s say your timeslots are the same as last year’s timeslots and you simply want to move the entire schedule up a year. The easiest way is to select all timeslots in the master calendar by right clicking on the calendar and choosing Select All Timeslots.


Then right click again and choose Move Entire Schedule


Moving an Entire Day’s Timeslots

You can select the day’s timeslots then Move Selected Timeslots.

 Moving a day’s timeslots

Sending Timeslots to the Reschedule List

There may be times when you solely want to reschedule a subset of games. You can place those games in the reschedule list then drag and drop them onto open timeslots later in the schedule.

 Using the reschedule list to move games




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