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There are several ways to manually edit games in the program. They all occur in the master calendar (for the most part).

If you simply want to change a game or hard-wire a particular matchup

  Screen capture

If you manually hard-wire games, you’ll probably want to lock those games using this menu item in  the master calendar:

That way, when you unlock the schedule (it will automatically create and lock a schedule if you manually create a game), the games that you manually scheduled will be preserved. The program will ask you, when you unlock the schedule, if you want to keep the locked games. You do.


If you want to deal with rainouts or reschedules
If you want to switch timeslots with another game

To switch game timeslots, highlight the two timeslots that should switch (if you are crossing a month then click on the first one, go to the timeslot in the  next month, hold down the control key (command key for Mac) then select the second timeslot. Now the menu item for Switch Game Timeslots will be enabled and it’s a single click instead of the older approach which required two steps.

  Screen capture

Or if you just want to manually change some of the parameters, select the game, then change the values on the left side in the Master Calendar:

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