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Code Signing Certificate Warning

On occasion, we update the code signing certificate for Diamond Scheduler 7. Code signing assures you that a download from the web is from a trusted source.

What will Happen?

If you have an earlier version of Diamond Scheduler, you might receive the following message when Diamond Scheduler 7 attempts to upgrade to a new version.



The solution for this is easy.

  1. Uninstall your current version of Diamond Scheduler.
    • For Windows, use the Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Diamond Scheduler 7
    • For Mac, delete Diamond Scheduler 7 from the Applications folder
  2. Download the Diamond Scheduler installation file: Download Link
  3. Re-install Diamond Scheduler by double-clicking the downloaded installation file.

The next certificate renewal will take place January, 2020.

Note: Try to avoid using Internet Explorer. It sometimes changes the extension from *.air to *.zip, making it difficult to install. If you must use Internet Explorer, please make sure the downloaded setup file is called this:

DiamondScheduler.air (not DiamondScheduler.zip). You can manually change the extension in File Explorer or Finder and it should work fine.

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