Accessing Account Information

If you would like to access your account information, which includes your licenses, upgrade options, password changes and credit card information, log in to your account at the bottom of any page. Once logged in, click on Your Account at … Continued

Problems with AIR and Catalina OS

If you have installed Catalina on your Mac computer and are receiving messages about the Adobe AIR framework being damaged consider this post from the Adobe Community forums. By default, Catalina “quarantines” the Adobe AIR framework. The fix is simple. … Continued

Damaged or Corrupt File Message

The error we hear about occasionally is a dialog box that says, “Sorry, an error has occurred. The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.” In … Continued

Sending Your Schedule File

It’s usually helpful for us to get a copy of your schedule file so we can diagnose the problem you’re having. First of all, make sure you’ve saved the file. It has to exist to send it. In a sense, … Continued

Retrieving a Backup File

Although we would like to think that computers (and software) never crash, it happens. So it’s good to know how to recover the most recent good file. Every time one opens or saves the schedule file, a backup of the … Continued

Renewing a License

If you want to renew a license, especially if the renewal notice link took you to a login and you can’t remember your credentials, the easiest method is to go to: and click on a “purchase” of the free, lite … Continued

Can’t Buy Program because Email Already Used

That messageimplies that you already created an account when you downloaded the program the first time. Go to the website: and log in to your account. If you’ve forgotten your password, check the box that says Lost Your Password? That … Continued

Installing Program on Multiple Computers

You are welcome to have the program installed on up to 3 computers simultaneously. If you want to move one of those installations to a different computer, you can also do that. If you already have the program installed on … Continued