Home Timeslots Problem

If you receive the following message,


it can be confusing. What it means is, as the description implies, one of two things.


  1. You didn’t assign teams to home venues. Each team must have at least one venue where they can play home games. Generally, you would indicate the teams that can play home games by editing the venue, then dragging and dropping teams on the right to the left-side list to indicate they can play home games at that venue.
  2. If all teams can play at any venue, it’s easiest to make the venues “neutral,” which means any team can play at that venue as long as you have included the type of timeslots that are available at that venue in the schedule form. The types of timeslots include timeslots specific to one division, timeslots that allow for multiple divisions to use the timeslots, or unassigned timeslots, where no specific division has been associated with the timeslots.


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